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Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding ceremony, and many envision a wedding in either a church or a rose garden. However, not many brides think that a cheap outdoor wedding is something doable, but it is. With proper planning, a stunning outdoor wedding can take place in any location. You don’t need to rent and reserve the outdoor wedding chapel at the most expensive hotel in town. Some of the best venues are the ones that are the most familiar. It is estimated that the average wedding costs about $20,000. However, there is no reason to start your new life together with a $20,000 bill if you don’t want to or if your budget does not allow this.

Cheap Wedding Ideas
If you don’t have access to a privately owned estate (or a location that can accommodate your guests), there are many lovely and affordable places that will be happy to rent you their courtyard for a wedding. You don’t need to spend $3,000 on a photographer either. A very popular practice that gives incredible results is to have all your guests take the pictures. You can do this by buying disposable cameras or just having them use their cell phones on high resolution. When you exchange vows you may want someone behind the lens that knows what they are doing, but you probably have a guest like that already. When you have most of your guests taking pictures you will end up with a great resource for putting together your wedding album and video.

Cheap Wedding Ideas
Saving money on decorations and catering is also easy. Some of the most beautiful garden or outdoor weddings have very simple décor because of the beauty of the natural surroundings. A simple arch over the bride and groom as the sun is setting on the beach is a perfect example of this. Choose your venue and use the natural beauty of it to its fullest. When it comes to catering, there are many options. One of the first steps to take is to talk with the person making your wedding cake. Let them know you are on a budget and ask for advice on how best to minimize costs without sacrificing quality and beauty.

Cheap Wedding Decoration
Often, an outdoor wedding will directly transition into the reception at the same venue. If this is the case with your wedding then catering at the ceremony can be skipped all together and the guests can just be directed to the reception area for snacks and drinks until the meal is served. Having a cheap outdoor wedding is very possible, all you need to do is plan and prepare.

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