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For this article, we will talk about a growing interest for vintage weddings. Retro has never been much in vogue. Vintage is everywhere since a couple of years: clothes, shoes, watches, and even weddings! The trend continues, the old is becoming new again.
If you like retro style, anything that is before the 80’s or if you like antiquing and flea markets love the old stuff … then the vintage wedding is for you. A wedding should be romantic and vintage is glamour!

 Vintage Wedding Cake

The colors of vintage wedding are often light colors: dusty pink, mauve clear, white, very light blue, soft green and gray. You can mix these colors easily.

Wedding Vintage Colors

To plan a vintage wedding there are several different things you need to do, first you must decide on the location for the reception, luckily there are many venues like homes, hotels, castle that can cater to your needs. If you want everything to be vintage inspired, there are a lot of options available for the wedding decorations. You can for example buy or rent old antique furniture, buy antique engagement rings and of course choose a vintage wedding dress.

Wedding Vintage Decoration Ideas

Wedding Vintage Dress

Finding a dress is probably the most difficult of the above. But if you have a family member like an aunt that has a wedding dress, you may be able to borrow her dress; many people pass their dresses down from generation to generation. You might be able to relook the dress or add custom decoration to your convenience. Unfortunately this is not the case for most people and if you are unable to get yourself a family dress, then you need to start looking very early for the perfect dress in the dedicated shops.

Wedding Vintage Invitation

There are mainly two types of dresses you can have with a vintage look. The first is to buy a replica dress custom made the second is to find an original dress. A replica is most probably the easiest option although it can be costly, but you can get the exact style that you want from the era you have chosen. Finding an original is not as easy but with the Internet you may be able to find your dream dress. There are many trading sites and second hand sites that can help you in your quest.

Wedding Vintage Decoration

Wedding Vintage Decoration 2

A vintage inspired wedding can be one of the most memorable types of wedding for not only the bride and groom but the entire wedding party!  You can make your special day even more special by bringing a little bit of history to life for one magical day.

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